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 Sacred Birthing is a beautiful process that connects mother and baby during the peaceful transition of life into the world.  The connection and journey is decided by both of your higher selves from the very beginning.  No two journeys are the same with each one symbolizing the creation of life and renewal.  

  As a birth keeper, it is my honor to offer my services to you during your birthing experience. Perhaps you feel you need a bit of guidance or support before your birth.  Or perhaps you would like to fully clear yourself and your space in preparation for this exciting new experience.   My intention is to be there for you while you build your confidence and connection in yourself and allow you to be guided by your intuition lead by your sacred heart.

  As an expecting parent know that you can do this! You are a powerful creator and your little one chose you to be it's guide during this time and space.   All mothers and birthing parents deserve the most amazing birthing experience and I am here to assist you with this goal!  

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