What is A.U.R.A?

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.) is a beautiful hypnosis technique that connects you to your Higher Self, that part of you that knows everything about you. Through the theta brainwave, A.U.R.A. allows you to travel safely to your past, present, or future now to receive healing and answers to your most personal questions.  

This past life regression technique was created through love by Rising Phoenix Aurora. Through this form of Hypnosis Healing, past life regression, entity removal you are able to safely observe the experiences that are causing you pain, trauma or any other negative feelings and emotions. It is important for us to find the roots or blockages as this is how we heal. The use of Sacred Alchemy in combination with our Higher Selves, the aid of the Angelics, and benevolent magical companions allows for the safest and most sacred of healings and remembrance of who we truly are.

List of Things that at times can be self-healed through Body Scan:

Illnesses, disease, vision, dental health, regrow teeth, age regress 10 yrs, DNA repair or Reprogramming, blocked or misaligned chakras, issues with auric field, negative cords, negative implants, hooks, portals, removal of entities or Reptilian Consciousness, fragmented soul, contracts and trauma from a current or past life.

A.U.R.A. can also help you receive the answers to the questions you have had your entire life. Questions like: your life’s purpose, souls origin, and meanings or reasons for certain events or people being in our lives, and much more!

Can A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing, past life regression, entity removal heal the Covid-19 Vaccine? YES IT CAN! Depending on how many Covid-19 vaccines and boosters you have received, and how long ago you have received these, will indicate how many A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing sessions you will require. Some can self-heal through the first session, and some will need two or three, varying on how ready they are to allow the surrender for their self-healing.

As with all services offered, please understand that you will be making a commitment to yourself.  A.U.R.A sessions will require preparation and follow-up actions to ensure the highest healing is achieved. For more information please review How to Prepare for an A.U.R.A.

If you are not ready to be put under hypnosis know that it is alright.  I respect your choices and honor who you are in this time and space. Other services you may be interested in that do not require hypnosis are R.A.A.H. Reiki and Quantum Akashic Readings.

Disclaimer: Gina Price is not a medical professional. Nothing expressed or written here is intended to replace any advice provided to you by a medical professional.